Lets Talk about Training Philosophy

So there are numerous aspects of physical training, fat loss solutions, and strength and conditioning. There are numerous ways of doing it right and not only one answer, and unfortunately numerous ways of just doing it wrong. First think about where are you receiving your information form. Numerous fitness and exercise companies have jumped on this muscle confusion philosophy that everything is so randomized and long term gains in strength are rarely seen. Then there is the Les Mills philosophy adopted by the Gold’s Gyms and LA Fitnesses of the world, ” Make it fun and make it sweat”.  For the most part some of these solutions have a role in training if these two principles a guiding your training philosophy 2 things will happen.  You will see results in the beginning and then then figure out that you haven’t seen any gains is strength or weight loss for months but you don’t know what to do. So you either keep doing it because it is now a habit or B) you drop out because why bother if you are not seeing results, or C) you find something that will work.  I see way to many gyms and training studios just buying in to the hype. I see it lots here in my home town of Tucson, but I know it happens everywhere.

The God Father of fitness, Gold’s Gym even sold out. The mecca of big men lifting weights sold out to Body Pump Classes and latin music for money. I encourage you to look at your current gym or studio you are training at or looking to train at.  Ask to visit and watch classes really look at their website. Ask them what their philosophy is. If their website is promoting and is an affiliate of every Body Building, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, P-90X, Cross-fit, Grivey SPort Kettlebell Training, Hardstyle Kettlebell Training, High Repetition training, Endurance Running, The Whole wheat diet, and then the Paleo Diet,…….. what do they believe in except trying to rope in people by shooting a shot gun in a crowd to see who they can catch.

I am not saying that any of the above philosophies are bad (maybe some other time). But what is it? Do you believe in progressing in strength and conditioning, or just kicking the crap out of people with high intensity and high volume training and then mixing it up consistently to make people feel like they got a good workout in.  Also look at the owners of these gyms and philosophies. Do these Gurus of the philosophy or owners of the gym you attend workout? Do they practice what they preach? Do they talk about form in your orientations and then totally lack corrections when you are taking a class? Have they attempted the workout they just put you through? Or are they stuck behind a computer working on marketing strategies instead of managing their business.

At Evolution Fitness we train for strength and conditioning bottom line. Each workout is well thought out and programmed over numerous weeks. Yes you will lose weight, yes you will increase performance, but it is not just about coming up with intense workouts. We believe in tracking strength, and conditioning, and always, always, always focus on form. We believe in having our clients work progressions in form and technique before attempting advanced lifts. We believe in strength as a foundation of what we do, and that safety and technique just as much a part of the workout as intensity is. We follow the principles of  RKC kettlebell and strength training. We don’t say we do, then mix it up with other kettlebell styles and philosophies.

At Evolution Fitness there is no such thing as an above the head kettlebell swing or a pushup that looks like a dancing worm to get reps out.

Kettlebell Training in Tucson has never been better. www.evolutiontucson.com

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