A Very Big Thank You!

I have been reminiscing a lot over the past couple of days.  Tomorrow marks the the 3 year anniversary when  I took the leap and quit an under appreciated job managing a gym to start my own business. I had a 4 month old baby at the time and enough money to live on for about 4months. I had Zero clients when I left that job since I was manager and barely trained anyone. I was filled with tons of fear and equal amounts of excitement.

A huge thanks to my mom and step dad that believed in me enough to help me start my that 1000sqft gym. Without their support Evolution Fitness would not be what it is today. I also have an amazing wife that never once complained about the long hours and believed in me when I wasn’t sure of what the next move should be. My wife told me to stop being a sissy and go for it. She never once worried about money she just believed.  I also have much love for all those that believed in me when I struggled to believe in myself. I remember talking on the phone with Franz Snideman for over an hour 2 days in a row before I quit my job. I had never met him, I just knew he was gym owner doing good things and I reached out to him to get advice. He kept telling me to take the leap and reassured me all would be good, and for some reason I believed him.  I also remember Andrew Read whom I barely knew told me to stop being afraid and just do it. He actually predicted that I would be busier than I could manage once I took the leap. To all of my friends and family that told their friends and family to come and train at Evolution Fitness, Thank You! To Rachel and the ladies that trained with me at the park filled with ants, mosquitoes, and bats when I didn’t even have a gym I appreciate you all more than you know. And to each and every one of you that have been and currently are members you are all amazing.

That little 1000sqft gym floor with 6 classes per week and  no clients is now a 6000sqft gym with 43 classes per week and tons of energy. We have been proud to host numerous workshops with Dan John, Pavel Tsatsouline, and  StrongFirst. Evolution Fitness is greater than me, it is an amazing group of people that have come together and made it a home away from home.

I am truly blessed and grateful for the past 3 years and look forward to brining the most innovative programs, classes, and certifications to Tucson for years to come. I could write a thank you list that would be 10 pages long and I know I would still forget to add people that have been a part of this amazing journey, but you know who you are. Thank you and God bless.



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