Kettlebell Workouts and Losing weight

The fad has begun. Jilian Michaels is now a kettlebell guru with a DVD and no professional instruction using the kettlebell. I guess I know a few stretches since I have been a trainer for over 10 years and I have watched numerous DVD’s and read books on stretching, maybe I will start teaching Yoga!!! Just kidding. But back to the original point of this blog. What about weight loss? Are kettlebells great tools? Yes, but it really comes down to how you use them. Dumbbells, body weight, barbells, bands…… all can be great tools but how are you using these tools. If I use barbells like a worthless Les Mills Body pump class then barbells are useless for for more than anything except to tell your friends you workout at the gym.  I have seen numerous videos of people using kettlebells in the same manner. Poor form, high repetitions daily, and using them as an aerobics tool rather than a tool to build strength and anaerobic conditioning.  A recent study that used kettlebells and touted them as “twice the workout in half the time” used a training protocol that was effective and, yes! pretty intense. Again, it was the protocol used with the kettlebell as well as the kettlebell itself which allows for dynamic and ballistic movements to occur in a very fuctional manner. If you follow just anyone using a kettlebell that has no idea on how to design an effective workout then don’t waist your time with it. A magic Genie won’t appear out of a kettlebell just because you buy one at the store or your gym has some in the corner for you to curl like a dumbbell. 

The secret to success with kettlebell training is to work on correct form and technique. In order to have effective weight loss, a good amount of volume is needed. If your form isn’t good then you have lots of repetitions with crappy form which will lead to injury. After your form is dialed in, then progress by adding the intensity.  Seeking an RKC trainer is a good starting point. Visiting is a great tool to find certified instructors in your area. You may notice with the videos below that there are lots of detail and progressions, the answer is yes!!!!! If you are not getting this type of detail when it comes to your training then it is time to ask yourself why???

Here are a couple of videos of some technique workshops that we have done at Evolution Fitness,

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