Strategy for the 10,000 Swing Challenge at Evolution Fitness

We are really excited about partaking in the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge for the month of January. This probably isn’t the nastiest challenge in the world, but it is done mostly to develop consistency and of course a little fun. One of the best ways to stick to something is to throw down a challenge.  If you are new to kettlebell training this is a great way to get lots of reps in and work on perfecting the art of the swing. If you are a honed in veteran than this is a great way to put in some serious work and become even better at the swing.

So How does it break down?

Well there are a few different ways to get through this challenge. If you were to do 323 swings every single day of January you would achieve your goal of 10000 on January 31st. Not a bad option, but it also doesn’t leave much room for a busy day or just a bad day where you didn’t get to train, and we all know that can happen. There is also a version of doing 500 swings per day 5 days per week which will leave at least 2 days off per week to not have to swing. I am sure you could also come up with some other cleaver ways of some 300 swing days and some other 800 swing days to manipulate it as well. The point is getting it done! If you are taking kettlebell classes at Evolution Fitness all of our classes will have a bit of increased load of swings. Don’t worry, we will still have our strength focus, but swings will definitely be a bigger part of classes. We will even turn our metabolic conditioning classes into swing based classes where you will be able to get 500-800 swings in one class.  I would recommend purchasing a bell for use at home if you want to partake in this challenge… We will actually give a bit of discount to those that want to buy a kettlebell from us! 

What type of workouts do we recommend?

There are numerous ways to skin this cat:

Grease the Groove:  If you have a job where you have the flexibility to bring a kettlebell with you, or have a day off from work and want to get some swings in, this may be a great way to accomplish it. Pretty much GTG is simple. Set a rep goal for your day and throughout your day pick up the bell and do 10-20 reps, set it down and repeat at random times each day till you get your goal.  You may find yourself getting 2-4 sets in an hour and then other hours you may only get 1 set, the key is hitting your goal throughout the day. The benefit is you shouldn’t feel taxed and overly worked. This should go good on days that you may feel tired or a bit sore from training. On these days you can also tend to work in a heavier kettlebell on some sets as well and not feel over taxed.

Swings on the Minute:

This is a great way to do the swings and get one hell of a workout. (depending on bell size, more on that later).

Set the timer for 25 minutes: Do 20 swings and rest till the beginning of the next minute and do another 20 swings. This will give you 500 swings. If you are shooting for a 320 swing day then just set the clock for 16 minutes. If you use a heavy bell this can crush you, if you use a light bell it will be more of an aerobic workout. 20 swings should take you about 30 seconds which should give you 30 seconds of rest before you start your next round of swings.

You could also do 25 swings on the minute for 20 minutes, but I would only suggest this for more advanced swingers and grip strength can really come in to play here especially with a decent sized bell.

15 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest: This is good if you want to do single arm swings or if your grip strength starts to get too taxed during a regular workout. In 15 seconds you should be able to hit 10 swings, so in 1 minute you should be at 20swings.

You can work these into your training sessions as a finisher.


Use them all, you have 10,000 swings to play with it. The other day I decided to do 20 swings on the minute for 25 minutes to net 500 swings. Minute 1: 20 Single arm swing with the 16kg kettlebell,  minute 2 single arm swings with the 24kg Kettlebell, Minute 3 single arm swings with 32kg kettlebell. After about minute 9 I alternated single arm and regular 2 handed russian swings following the same pattern of 16,24, and 32kg kettlebells. After swinging the 32kg bell it was almost like a set of active rest using the 16kg bell, but I was still moving and swinging with good form. If you think about it, this workout had a volume of over 26,500lbs of swings.

On a Grease the groove type of day I would probably do a good number of swings with the Beast(106lbs) and mix it up as well.

Remember this challenge really isn’t about destroying you for an entire month. Manage your fatigue and have fun with it. If you are having a less than stellar training day, grab a lighter bell than you would normally use and get your reps in. That doesn’t mean guys that deadlift 400+ pound should be swinging the 12kg bell either. Also, if your form starts to suck, stop or go lighter. This challenge isn’t worth injuring yourself.  Another word of advice, I don’t recommend doing more than 30 standard swings in a row unless you are going light or you are advanced. I have seen people rep out 100+ swings in a row but the form just goes down considerably.

The good thing about doing swings is, it shouldn’t over tax you or interfere with your strength goals as long as you don’t over do it when you shouldn’t. I have heard of people doing this challenge in only 10 days. For the record I wouldn’t condone that unless you really really really wanted to prove something, something I am not really sure of though. Enjoy the the ride, keep a journal and get other people involved with you. Doing it in a community will make this a much more enjoyable experience. Facebook about it, blog about it and most importantly keep your training journal!!!

We will have our board tracker up at Evolution Fitness to get the competition juices flowing a bit :-)


10,000 Swing Challenge at Tucson Kettlebell

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