Are you Correcting too much?

I have to say that over the past 4 years or so the training industry has seen an influx of corrective exercise, functional movement, and mobility/stability based systems which have done wonders for the fitness industry.  Many of them border on, or are very physical therapy based. It seems that the PT world and the Personal training/Strength Coach world have kind of found themselves sharing some common interests in movement and making sure that tons of fitness and strength aren’t built on a horrible foundation. This has been very  needed in the fitness industry. Numerous bloggers and internet coaches are now coming up with videos and articles talking about angles of rib cages, hip angles, and toe alignment. If anything is off, there is a slew of corrective strategies that go along with an “issue” which now take precedent over training intensity and volume, and this is sometime needed. But I see it time and time again,  a training session now turns into a mobility session and which now turns into a  pseudo physical therapy session.

I want to say ahead of time,  I respect and have  practiced the FMS. I am also familiar with the principles of Z-health and others in this realm and I think they all have major benefit.I also like a slew of other programs out there as well. My one on one training practice is primarily corrective exercise and many sessions are very slow paced in the beginning with my people because that is what they need for a short bit of time. We work lots on flexibility and mobility work. But for the majority of us,  I guess the point I want to make is, sometimes you just need to train your ass off folks. I am not saying train into pain, or train yourself into oblivion and destroy yourself every workout, but if every session consists of 45 minutes of joint mobility drills, ankle circles, and band half kneeling drills with a light goblet squat, get-up, and swing session, you need to pull the curve back the other direction. Just because there is a slight ssymmetry doesn’t mean the world will stop and you blow out a hip. Every single one of us has a different frame, body type, and movement pattern and you are doing yourself a great injustice if you are trying to fix every little thing that may be potentially wrong. I also believe that some of those asymmetries, and stability issues are also saving many of our asses from injury and trying to fix them sometime opens up a can of worms.

I am done with my thought, and that all this was. Just seemed to be a little long to be a facebook post:-)

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