Completely Random Thoughts, A Beard and Program Design

Well I have been completely uninspired to write a blog lately. I mean you could pay me to write and I just didn’t have it in me.  It’s not that I have been lazy, it has been the fact that I have been busy. My gym Evolution Fitness in Tucson has been growing and we have been Presenting at Conferences, hosting Tactical Strength Challenges, or Olympic Weightlifting Meets every weekend. Though I have had some really great topics to blog on, the time hasn’t been there to really develop my thoughts.  I thought I would break my almost 2 month hiatus on blogging with some random stuff that just sounded fun to write about as well as give me the opportunity to be silly.

Grow a Beard

First… If you are a man, you need to grow a real beard at least once in your life. I mean a real beard. Not some 5 o-clock shadow or patchy weird thing that you are trying play off  in a cute  manless way (that is what hipsters do).

Don’t be a Hipster

I mean committing to something and sticking to it. It says a lot about someone to really pull through this.  It’s a lot like starting a training program. The first few weeks suck, you are uncomfortable, itchy, and constantly wanting to give up on the growth. It is easy just to quit, the razor is in the bathroom and it could be just as easy as that. The fact is commitment to the process is key. After about 4 weeks the itchiness is gone, and you constantly find yourself rubbing the beard and actually enjoying it a bit. Kind of like newly found muscles in a training program. I remember when I was 15 I started bench pressing, and after about a month I started to see and feel chest muscles. I felt myself up like I was a first date for weeks….. Anyway, I don’t want to digress. The beard really starts to become a part of you after awhile.  You get people that are happy for you and say things like, that is awesome. You you look great in that beard (your support group that encourages you).  Others that say, you look ridiculous with that thing you should just shave it off, you are becoming obsessed with growing a beard ( These are the naysayers that are jealous and don’t want you to achieve full masculinity).  The key is sticking to it and pushing through. There are  other added benefits of growing a beard. My squat is getting stronger each week, my business is booming, and my wife can focus on how annoying my beard is and forgets about my other 50 bad habits(True Story).

Other Random Thoughts….

If you are consistently designing your own training programs, Stop it! Have someone design you a program. I have actually gained a lot of strength over the past year designing my own programming following some basic principles that I have learned from Pavel, Dan John, and others. There comes a point though where an outside eye needs to be brought it. I had strength coach and friend Chris Falkner design my most recent program. During each  training session I want to punch him in the mouth at least once. Why? Well he knows my goals, my strengths, and weaknesses. He makes sure each workout he attacks one of them. I mean goes after it. Being left to my own devices I design a strength program that focuses on my strengths because I really hate doing stuff I am not good at. The truth is I am only as strong as my weakest link and hitting these up is huge to my overall development. If you don’t know anyone Chris and myself do online coaching and if you are too cheap to hire someone then you deserve to stay weak.



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