Kettlebell Training in Tucson Just Changed Forever

Tucson Kettlebell was started as kettlebell training has started to really flourish in the united states. There are numerous philosophies of training out in the world and we don’t think we know it all but we can say that we specialize in Hardstyle Kettlebell Training that has been developed by Pavel Tsatsouline and the RKC.  Hardstyle is the most functional way of training with the kettlebell to strengthen the posterior chain of the body and teach the principles of strength and condtioning. Within the RKC philosophy is that of safety going hand in hand with intensity, which unfortunately is not the case in many gyms today. Many people take the kettlebell and make it a tool of destruction rather than that of strength and others turn it into a toy that should be found in the children’s section at Walmart.

We are dedicated to having a unique experience as a school of strength having specific goals of performance always in mind. This isn’t your average spinning or fitness class at a gym and this also is not a workout with only intensity madness in mind either. There is a purpose for each workout based in technique practice, strength training, and conditioning.

If you are ready to take your strength and conditioning to the next level, and lose fat and gain muscle then give us  a  call.

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